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Help Center: How can we help your trip run smoothly?

  • How to add a driver to my reservation?
    Additional driver(s): Must meet age requirements Must provide a copy of a valid driver’s license to WTP Car Rentals Must show proof of insurance to cover the trip to WTP Car Rentals Review these responsibilities that fall to you as the primary driver: You must be the one to pick up and return the car You assume all financial responsibility for the car during the trip If you allow anyone who wasn’t approved by WTP Car Rentals to drive, it’ll void your protection plan ****Contact WTP Car Rentals Customer Service to add an additional driver***
  • What is the age requirement for drivers?
    You must be 21 or older to book a trip with WTP Car Rentals. We apply the following additional age requirements, vehicle restrictions, and fees based on your age at the time you book a trip, not the age you’ll be when the trip takes place. You must be 21 or older to book a car with a total market value of more than $20k You must be 25 or older to book a Deluxe Class Vehicle ( a vehicle with a total market value 45,000 to $85,000) You must be 30 or older to book a Super Deluxe Class Vehicle car or a specialty vehicle ( a vehicle with a total market value of more than $85,0000)
  • What are the general requirements for booking a car?
    Must meet age requirements Must provide proof of insurance to cover the trip Must have a valid Driver's License Home address $200 Deposit Photo of yourself for WTP Car Rental's profile Must Sign a WTP Rental Car Agreement
  • What is the insurance requirement?
    WTP Car Rentals offers protection plans for all guest trips. You don’t need personal insurance coverage if you choose a protection plan made available via WTP Car Rentals. Renters who decline WTP Car Rentals' protection plan must provide a copy of their personal insurance coverage to cover loss or damage to the WTP Car Rentals’ vehicle. Your out-of-pocket exposure will extend to the full value of the vehicle and all related costs, including claims processing fees and appraisal costs. Unless you’re confident your personal insurance will cover you, we strongly advise you to purchase WTP Car Rentals protection plan when booking your trip.
  • Fuel Replacement Inconvenience Fee
    If you don’t refuel before returning a vehicle, a convenience fee of $20 in addition to the cost to replace the gas will be charged to you.
  • Cleaning Policy Violation Fee
    If you return the car in a condition that could have only resulted from irresponsible or abusive behavior, we may charge you a violation fee of $150* plus an additional 3% processing fee.
  • No Smoking Policy Violation Fee
    WTP Car Rentals has a NO Smoking Policy Neither you nor your passengers may smoke, vape, or light up incense or candles in any of WTP Car Rentals’ vehicles. If the odor of smoke is present or physical evidence of smoke is discovered, a violation fee plus an additional 3% process fee will be charged to the renter. The following is the breakdown of the smoking violation fee: Tier 1 Fee $150: Physical evidence of smoking in vehicle, no burns to interior surfaces, no staining of interior surfaces or heavy odor/ fragrances Tier 2 Fee $250: Physical evidence of smoking including smoke smell, no heavy fragrances, no burns to interior surfaces, no staining of interior surfaces Heavy odor/ fragrances, minor staining of interior surfaces not to include interior surface paint stripping/color removing Tier 3 Fee $450-$1000 Physical evidence of smoking and/or smoke smell, burns to interior surface(s), heavy fragrances, minor to severe staining of interior surfaces, including interior surface paint stripping/color removal. Complete detailing and cabin filter replacement necessary Reupholstery of interior necessary Replacement of vent covers, and replacement of hard surfaces in the interior necessary
  • Additional Distance Fee
    If you exceed the mileage included in your trip, WTP Car Rentals can charge you an additional distance fee for each added mile/kilometer driven. The fee is the result of a simple calculation: trip price divided by trip distance.
  • Claims Processing Fee
    Claims processing fee – If a vehicle damage claim is filed under WTP Car Rentals Protection Plans, a claims processing fee of up to $150* will be charged to you. There are no fees if you file a claim directly with your insurance provider.
  • Service Animal and Pet Policy Violation Fee
    Renter is only allowed to transport pets when all of the following conditions have been met: Permission from the owner has been given, In a vehicle labeled pet friendly, and A refundable cleaning fee of $200 has been paid If you have not done so already, please pay your pet deposit for transportation of pets immediately, or you will be susceptible for pet cleaning charges and fees. Renter may also be precluded from renting from Owner in the future. However, all precautions need to be taken to prevent these occurrences: Shedding of hair (or skin) in the interior of vehicle Damage to the vehicle exterior or interior including, but not limited to: Tears, rips to soft surfaces Chewing of interior hard and/or soft surfaces Pet feces, urine or vomit within the interior or exterior of vehicle Pet food or treats staining the hard and/or soft surfaces of the vehicle Pet carrying cases and/or cages tearing, ripping, scratching, stripping or creating demarcations within the exterior and/or interior of the vehicle Please use all precautions when transporting pets within the vehicle. Damages by pets are treated with the same severity of damages caused by humans.
  • Additional Usage (Late Returns)
    You will be charged a $20 late fee if you are 30 minutes to an hour late returning the vehicle. If you are more than an hour late returning a vehicle, you will be charged for another day. You will accrue late fees in the amount of $20 per day until the vehicle is recovered. This daily late fee is in addition to any daily rental, mileage, damage, towing, or other additional fees included within this Agreement. This daily late fee accrues on a 24-hour basis beginning exactly 31 minutes after the Vehicle rental end is reached. Extensions to the Rental Period must be requested and approved.
  • Improper Return Fees
    An improper return is when a renter fails to return a vehicle back to the authorized location of drop-off at the renter's reservation time. (Improper returns in Greenville County, SC) a $50 improper return fee will be charged to the renter if they fail to respond to requests to return a vehicle, abandon a vehicle, force a trip cancellation, or for other reasons we determine. (Improper returns outside of Greenville County, SC/or in another state) a $200 improper return fee will be charged in addition to the cost accrued to retrieve the vehicle to the renter if they fail to respond to requests to return a vehicle, abandon a vehicle, force a trip cancellation, or for other reasons WTP Car Rentals determine.
  • Renter Cancellation Fee
    Renters may cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before their trip starts. Renters who book within 24 hours of their trip have one hour after booking to cancel for free. If the renter is a no-show or fails to cancel during the (free period), no refund will be given.
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